“Lana has a singular ability to get to the heart of the matter, to access what is already strong and true within you, and help you bring it out in its most essential and magnificent form.

Her guidance is wise, empowering, practical, transformative. If you are intent on developing and sharing the most authentic version of yourself, or if you would like support in clarifying and consciously creating the life of your choosing, Lana’s mentoring holds immense and extraordinary value.”

Pilar Gerasimo, Leading Health & Wellness Expert Revolutionary Acts, Experience Life

“Lana is deeply insightful, strategic and soulful, a rare combination. She is both kind and also deeply honest, and her integrity and trustworthiness are unparalleled. She integrates a brilliant business and analytical mind with a deeply committed, caring and skillful heart. She asks questions and listens better than most people I’ve ever met, which helps to advance one’s own learning in generative ways that help me to own what I discover about myself with her. She is invested in the most flexible way in each woman’s fullest and most unique life expression, journey and wholeness.”

Nina Simons, Co-Founder & President,

“Lana has a gift—a gift to help you discover and receive and, most importantly, give your gifts to the world. My life is infinitely richer as a direct result of the wisdom, love, and support I have received from Lana—particularly during an incredibly pivotal time in my life when I was at a critical crossroads. I can’t imagine (and don’t want to) what my path would look like now if I didn’t experience the grace of Lana’s guidance. If you are looking to tap into that ineffable
power of a life lived on purpose, I hope you will be as blessed as I have been to experience Lana’s presence.”

Brian Johnson, Philosopher’s Notes

“Lana is the ultimate practice partner. She reveals herself in a way that gives me permission to not have it all figured out. She has this uncanny ability to toggle back and forth from her 28 years of business acumen to indigenous wisdom and medicine…and that’s exactly what we need in these times.

We need seasoned leaders who can see the whole picture: how tech, industrialization, indigenous practices, and ancient wisdom fit together in a way that serves us all.

We don’t need to demonize what we have created, with all its warts and scars – we must learn ways to integrate it with wisdom that promotes life. Lana’s life story is one of the best demonstrations of that process that I have ever seen.

Her toolbox is held on the extremes of the spectrum. While rooting me in wisdom and reflective practice, she challenges me to think in terms of millions of dollars…. the highest level of engagement with the mainstream. I, like many, have been afraid to simultaneously engage in both of those worlds simply because I have not known how. Lana is a guide as I find my unique path in both arenas.

Lana has guided the way, and shown me a path forward.  She has been a key resource, friend, and mentor as I reconcile my former and future relationship with money. It’s because of her that I have begun to dream about accumulating wealth, and I have never been comfortable acknowledging wealth as a goal.”

Nikki Silvestri, Speaker and Justice Advocate Climate Solutions, Soil Health & Equitable Economic Development 

“Since first meeting Lana, my business went from 6 figure cycles to 7 figure cycles of earning – and I am always proud to show her how good I am doing – see, I listened!

Lana is a courageous path forger, walking away from her thriving corporate businesses to engage in a deeper meaning and quality of life – the path of circle, ceremony and community and study for close to 7 years.

She is now emerging and bringing those teachings back into the marketplace where we truly need this kind of medicine. A woman who has seen both ways of working with the soul, and has discovered the intersection between them which I hope, she will now teach the rest of us.

We are at a time in the great unfolding in which business matters and matters of the heart are in great need of coherency – and we need teachers who know what that looks like and can take us into a sustainable future.”

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Founder & CEO Shiloh Sophia Studios

“We worked with Lana to develop and refine a new social enterprise model. The process was swift, grounded and clarifying in a short few days. Lana created a space for deep work that enabled our inner wisdom to surface and blend with her seasoned entrepreneurial and investor experience. I cannot recommend Lana enough and hope to have the good fortune to journey alongside her as long as possible.”

Jensine Larsen, Founder & CEO World Pulse Media

“Lana has given me thoughtful wisdom that I will carry with me forever.

It is a wonderful gift and blessing to call Lana Homes a dear friend who has been a mentor to me with a broadband of wisdom and insight.

To describe Lana would be the same as describing a ray from the sun. A ray from the sun is warming and powerful, much like Lana and her energy. A ray also gives life to the earth and has the power to light places where it was once dark. Lana too has this gift of enriching life and uncovering areas that were unknown. The suns light is faithful and reliable and can be counted on like that of Lana, a dependable and supporting gift of light that has entered my life.

During my time knowing Lana she has given me thoughtful insights to improve myself. These insights of wisdom, I will carry with me forever.

She has provided me with tools of enlightenment that enrich your life experiences. I believe all humans want to improve and grow regardless of their personal station in life.

This truth is what relates to all of us; the ideal of continual improvement and transcending ourselves to places we’ve yet to reach.

Lana understands with great intuition and compassion what it is that we are searching for, and with these insights she has developed strategies that allow us to rise into these places we strive for.

Moreover, when I have needed an outside look at my world relating to business endeavors, Lana has given me tools of critical discernment to navigate with better knowledge.

I am very grateful for Lana and the assets she has gifted to me for my personal repertoire. I can say that I have become a better person, businessman and friend because of the times I have spent with Lana.”

Matthew L. Larson, Inventor, Designer, Philosopher, Founding Partner, Chief of Product Design MATUSE, INC

“Words can not not express the deep gratitude I feel for Lana and my great respect for her skills. Her ability to quickly get me laser focused and to take critical steps in both my personal and professional life have been priceless. I highly recommend her if you are serious about making your next step a big one. She delivers results and tremendous value.”

Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO Marcia

“Lana Holmes ‘appeared’ at the very moment my wife and I started exploring the next phase of our life’s journey. A series of ever deepening conversations culminated in four wonderful days on Retreat, in a beautiful location on the Californian coast with Lana as our Guide and Advisor. Her questions and steady guidance helped us discover an entirely new contribution we can make to the world as a married couple.

Although we were searching together, Lana had the wisdom and insight to support us both as individuals and as a couple.

I went to California with a clear understanding of my own purpose and mission. I came away, however, with far greater clarity about what really matters in my life, my purpose and role, where to focus my time and energy, clear strategic next steps and so much more that is beyond a short note to detail.

As a professional Coach and Advisor who has conducted numerous Retreats for others, this was the first time since the early days that I was purely a participant, where I could turn off the transmit button and turn on the receiver. It was wonderful to have someone prodding my thinking, pushing me into new areas, testing my assumptions, providing new frameworks for my life, and the mission of my life. Insights have continued to flow as Sally and I have talked it over, and as I have reflected and teased thoughts into words.

Lana is highly skilled at creating the optimal environment for learning and growing. We constantly experienced a sense of spaciousness and graciousness, where insights could emerge. The space she created physically and mentally allowed us to listen deeply to our own inner voice and to each other. It is a tremendous privilege to allow someone else to take a look at our life and work; and to have them test, challenge and comment on what you hold dear. Lana Holmes is a world-class listener, thinker and guide

The time with her, in a wonderful environment, with my beautiful wife as we explored the next step on our shared and personal journey, is a gift I will always treasure.”

Anthony Howard, Founder & CEO The Confidere Group

“Lana consulted for our company prior to its acquisition for $320M by AOL. Lana is a highly professional and skilled individual, Adept at identifying and addressing organizational development and improving business practices and was instrumental in preparing our start-up for acquisition.”

Jim Van Huysse, Chief Household Officer at VH HH, Inc.

“Lana has a keen understanding of both business and human possibilities. Her advice is challenging and inspiring presented with the confidence of years of successful business experience behind her.”

Kathy Wolfe, CEO/Founder at Wolfe Video and Owner Wolfe Video

“Lana is one of the most intuitive business people I know. She has a strong sense of responsibility, an acute awareness of business behaviors and an ability to foresee action in others. When ever I have a tough question, I turn to Lana… first.”

Justin M. Riordan, Founder & CEO, Spade-Archer Design