Rising into Wholeness
Our Magical, Mystical Feminine Self

Welcome to the new paradigm of Rising into Wholeness!!

In these extraordinary times, we are being asked to show up and live in the world in a different way.  Yet, how can we accomplish this given the demands of our daily life?

We know in our bones we are called to live abundant, creative lives, to love and be of service to others and shape a better world.   Yet, what also seems true is society has asked us to be other than our authentic self.   We may have disowned parts of ourselves or we learned to show up and in ways that are inconsistent with whom we feel we are… who we know ourselves to be at the deepest level of our being.

We know that something has to shift, must shift to live this abundant, empowered life.   We sense that Life/Spirit is asking that our inner and outer worlds become more aligned, harmonious, congruent and authentic.

Yet, how do we shift?
How do we accomplish this task of alignment?
What is needed to live both authentically and
in abundance in this often very confusing world?


I am Lana Holmes and I’m pleased and very excited to invite you to a 3-day ceremonial circle of wise, creative, courageous women ready to explore their unique essence and often-unacknowledged gifts.  Women ready to engage with Life and all it has to offer!

On August 10-13, 2017 in Monterey, CA we will enter a safe, supportive environment where we will collectively delve into our gifts, skills and talents that may have been long hidden or just waiting below the surface of awareness of our authentic self!   What would it be like to express my essence self fully in the world?

We will explore our wholeness and discover what it means to Rise into Wholeness.


Women called to this circle are encouraged to bring the following:

  • A longing to engage more deeply with your authentic essence self;
  • Deep curiosity;
  • A courageous appetite for play and exploration;
  • A desire to emerge with renewed joy in your unique beauty and the Life you know you were born to live.
This Circle is Full… Join Us for our Next Rising Circle, February 14-18, 2018

Benefits to You and Your Life:

  • You will be participants in a new paradigm approach for women’s’ circles where we call in the wisdom of the circle harvesting the collective intelligence of one another;
  • An enhanced ability to give back your unique gifts in service to all of Life!
  • Strategy and tools for working with and navigating the challenges of everyday life;
  • Expansion of your mental, emotional and spiritual ability (and courage) to create a life centered in your true self-expression;
  • Experiential practice using your bodily senses to foster inner knowing and how to listen to your authentic inner voice;
  • A heightening of your Creator Spirit capacity to ignite and deliver systemic change in the world.
  • You will learn ancient techniques for weaving groups of people together and healing relationships
  • You will experience the brilliance of the group in a manner that will enhance and augment your personal gifts;
  • You will experience a Community of Women – the interdependence and dependence that supports our individual and collective journey.