Navigating Life With Earth Wisdom

Lana Holmes Earth Wisdom

From the time I was a small child, I have been in love with maps.  I would carry a map of the state into my play grounds deep in the East Texas woods and that map would transport me to faraway places where adventure awaited.  My fingers first located the wilderness areas, then state or national parks, rivers, lakes and finally towns and cities.  Even at this early age there were telling signs of my deep love for the wildness of the nature.

Many years ago when I first begin the study of Earth Wisdom, it was explained that the this ancient body of wisdom was an oral tradition and the information was arranged on an eight point circle known as a medicine wheel.  As I learned new bits of the oral tradition, I would draw a circle in my notebook and place it in one of the eight directions of the wheel.  As time passed, the genius of how these wisdom teachings were arranged become evident.  These ‘medicine wheels’ became maps of wholeness that enabled methods to navigate life in an entirely new and empowering manner.  They were diagnostic tools that asked me deeply thought-provoking questions.  Questions that encouraged the examination of images, attitudes, beliefs and opinions which may have previously hindered a successful life path.

The medicine wheel’s four cardinal directions, East, West, North, South and the non-cardinal directions or “marriage points” of Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast are arranged on the circle.  Each direction on the wheel has an energy signature and just like we humans, a “personality”.

The first, basic medicine wheel provides a map of the elements that are needed for life as we know it to exist.  The Elemental Wheel consist of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Each element holds a position in one of the cardinal directions.  This wheel is also known as The Four Daughters of Beauty.  As I learned this basic wheel, I began to ‘live into’ the energy of each element.  I spent many hours outside on the earth; feeling it, studying it, pondering the earth and developing a relationship with it.  The same process followed with air, water and fire.  Spending time with these “elemental energies” has resulted in a deeper understanding of their unique “personality”.  Developing a relationship with these elemental Beings was excellent entry into my study of earth wisdom.

So, there will be more to come about the Elemental Wheel but until next time I leave you with a question, “What is your relationship with The Four Daughters of Beauty?”


In love and service to life and all that bring life,