Gifts of Transparency

Lana Holmes Earth Wisdom

Sky, Mountains, Water

One of my favorite aspects of life is the unknowing of what each day will bring to my living.  Most days, something exceptional arises because I am looking for it and/or expecting magic.  I could write a blog post about that however, today I want to share the amazing gift received during a Skype call with a dear friend and colleague.

It is my sense that most of us are very protective of the private, inner world that we hold so dear.  Those parts of ourselves that we feel are so personal or intimate that we either do not ever reveal them and/or we share them with one or two trusted friends, family or spiritual teachers/guides.  The unwillingness to reveal is not necessarily attached to shame or fear of judgement but simply that we hold them as deeply intimate and/or we may still be navigating as unknown and want to have more clarity before revealing them to another.

Today, my friend and colleague was in a particularly tender emotional state of being.  As a person committed to living a transparent life, she beautifully articulated very intimate details of her inner realm and by the end of her sharing I found my heart was broken open with admiration and appreciation.  I knew that I had been given a beautiful gift of the revealed self.

Her modeling of transparent communication; what to say, how to say it, how to reveal the “essence” of her inner world without unnecessary details was masterful.  As she completed her sharing, my tender, open heart told me an invitation existed to enter in to that extraordinary realm of transparent communication.  The opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable with another human… an opportunity to be “witnessed”.

And so… with a deep breath and a burst of courage, I stepped onto the sacred circle she created.  My sharing was in and of itself artful and wove a beautiful tapestry of what is moving in my inner realms.  Upon completion, an aura of peace, calm and “lightness of heart” surrounded me.  It was like sitting in a pool of warm sunlight.

We both were silent for a moment; tears flowing down our cheeks and smiling.  We knew we were “complete” and so we rejoiced and acknowledged one another saying, “Namaste (“I bow to the divine in you.”).

So this precious gift of transparency forces me to ask myself, What other gifts may be present if I but have the courage to step into the sacred circle of transparency and vulnerability?