Four-Legged Gifts

Lana Holmes Earth Wisdom

Few life experiences stir the deeper areas of our human heart than those of our beloved four-legged companions.  I could not have begun to imagine how my life would be touched twelve years ago when I gave a yellow lab puppy to my partner for our fifth anniversary.   Luna was immediately a pivotal influence in our lives as we began wrapping our daily activities around her care, training and play!

As I recall those early years, it fascinates me how we three came together in our efforts.  We wanted a dog that we could trust; one that would come when called and well behaved when we left her alone in the house.  A being that others would enjoy, trust and fall in love with as we did when we first saw her.  Well, we got all but one of those traits and I am thinking now that the notion of ignoring the call to come home was a direct mirror of myself as a child.

As we worked with Luna, she worked us.  We found ourselves captured in a common objective that grew our individual selves as well as our relationship and we became a family.

Luna was a wonderful teacher, companion, friend, mother and mirror!  In her unique personality we often saw our own stubbornness or obstinacy giving us a front row seat for personal growth in patience or tolerance.  She brought amazing amounts of laughter often when we most needed it in times of struggle.  Most of all, she taught us the meaning and practical application of unconditional love.

Several weeks ago, Luna came to the end of her physical journey.  We are never ready to be separated from our precious loved ones and despite knowing of their short life spans we do not withhold our love, devotion and admiration.  In return, they give us all of themselves and give us extraordinary new levels of understanding in our human path.  Perhaps this was Mother Life’s design all along.

Thank you, Cassiopeia’s Golden Luna for being a wonderful companion!