Crucibles of Contrast

Lana Holmes Earth Wisdom

deerWhen I was a child, I had an insatiable appetite for adventure!  I woke each morning with a sense of raw excitement, wondering how my life might change that day!!  What new plants or creatures would I discover in the woods where I played or what new person might change the course of my life? Within every adventure were vast opportunities to learn and grow.  Endless/Timeless possibilities!!

Now, as I approach my ‘yelderhood‘ (as my friend calls our entry into young elder hood), much of that same excitement for adventure still lives in my heart. Most days I awake wondering what direction might my life take today?  Who might I meet?  What new adventure might unfold?

I said “most daysand… there are those days when I wake with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I can hardly muster myself to action as I consider the daunting projects and/or challenges that demand my attention as I navigate adult life in a very complicated world. Two key lessons have emerged for me about these cycles of ease and challenge.  1) There is a direct correlation between the attitude of my heart and the amount of time I spend in nature and the experience of “ease”.   2) The cycles of ease and challenge create a lens for contrast that sharpens my learning edges.

Lesson 1:  Nature is the ultimate learning lab!  It refreshes my heart and provides an endless cornucopia of delight for my senses.  When I spend time in nature, my heart stays pliable and hungry to learn.  This heart receptiveness is a vital component if I hope to walk a balanced life; a life that believes the universe is a friendly place and embraces the joy of learning and growing.

Lesson 2:  Challenges are part of the human journey.  They are inherent to growth because learning in and of itself is a challenge. Embracing my love of learning and growing, demands that I also accept and embrace that some learning and/or lessons are hard.  Shifting my attitude and opinion about challenge allows me to move into receptivity verses resistance.  When I am in resistance to a challenge, my life force energy is diminished… zapped!!!  The more I focus upon what is not working or how hard the challenge appears, the more I feel my joy of life diminish and my spirit becomes hardened.  When I am receptive to challenge; to a new experience or adventure, my heart is enlivened and hungry to learn.  My perception shifts from one of despair to hope.  I begin to anticipate and look for what I might learn within and from the challenge. In the medicine way or Earth Wisdom way, being able to shift our perspective, is an important ability to learn if we are to walk in a way of wholeness and balance.  When we have a sense of our destiny, we are enlivened and a challenge becomes an opportunity and an adventure to learn and grow.

What environments and opportunities enliven you and give you a desire to live an adventure of learning and growing?

In love and service to life and all that bring life,