Lana’s Biography Through the Lens of
The Mayan Sacred Calendar

Lana carries the energy 6 Muluc, the nawal of the humanitarian who acts in service to her community. This service is not an ego driven desire, it is a profound understanding of how community is sustained through the joyful, heartfelt giving of time and energy.  Lana has this energy in its sixth aspect which brings the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth in to conjunction with the properties of the four directions – strength, wisdom, spirit and healing. These properties are empowered with the energy of the Divine Feminine and the energy of the Divine Masculine. Her service brings the stability derived from this combination to her community and the wider world.

She was born in the year of 6 Ik (Wind, Breath of Life), which provides her with the ability to communicate in a balanced and stable way, once again bringing the properties of the directions together, empowering her words.  Her words have sufficient connection in the physical world to provide us with a realistic and tangible understanding of how we may enhance our lives through connection with the Heart of Earth and the Heart of Heaven.

Her intuitive foundation is the experience of the empowered woman who acts as a spiritual leader within her community.  This was balanced and grounded in the physical with a strong work ethic and a vision for bringing prosperity.  Through her connection to the collective consciousness of her ancestors, which helped her experience the feelings of many diverse elements of society, Lana is able to translate new concepts for humanity into physical reality. This she achieves by combining ancient practices and wisdom with her strong intuitive vision and life experience. She is weaving the dream of the ancestors into physical reality through her application of ceremony in the modern world.

She has a talent for understanding the movement of sacred time in the everyday world, with which she can demonstrate to others their ability to manifest their ideas into reality.

This leads her towards the unification of knowledge into a physical plan of action which can be applied in a straightforward way. It is likely that she will create a legacy for future generations which combines power with compassion, bringing wisdom from shamanic practice into everyday life. She has the potential to assist others to sweep away the old paradigm in order to birth the new world into being.

Mark Elmy