A lover of people, wisdom and natural, organic systems, I guide and advise high impact individuals who are in service to life and all that brings life in their professional and personal journeys.

Drawing upon the combined resources of a 28+ year executive career in the San Francisco Bay Area and a 7-year journey of learning and growing in earth wisdom practices and oral traditions; I developed skills uniquely suited for this role.

As a founder of four companies; an investor or advisor in over thirty more, I have a deep expertise in the complete entrepreneurial journey.  More specifically, a refined knowing of the inner and outer structures needed for successful implementation in the marketplace of life.  

This “wisdom bundle” of resources is utilized for artful evaluation and counsel in both professional and personal territories.

Valuing the dynamic tension between personal values and business results, I now help others navigate these tensions to achieve remarkable insights, personal growth and bottom line results in their personal and professional lives.