Engaging with individuals and small groups, I create unique environments and growth experiences that enable every leader to breathe into and embody their fullest potential.  Each engagement is individually customized and designed to guide and advise high impact individuals on their personal and professional journeys. Our progressively unfolding relationship enables a progressive movement to the highest levels of your unique purpose and service.

Meeting at the edge of expanding potential, I guide you toward your own unique, essential wholeness of being that releases inner joy, peace, magic and real results!

Clients have experienced a profound, lasting difference in the way they navigate their life’s journey.
Results include:

  • Strategic insights that clarify perspective,  strengthen effectiveness and increase a sense of fulfillment in work and life.
  • A sharpened focus and expanded capacity of mental and emotional courage
  • An ability to execute on even the most ambitious intentions and visions
  • A deepened and amplified capacity to inspire others
  • A heightening of spirit & the capacity to co-create systemic change in the world

What People Are Saying About Lana